Remote - 244214

As Game Coder you will be responsible for the coding and implementation of all game elements, features and gameplay functions. Reporting to the Director of Game Development, you will create cleat, structured, modular code in BASIC and Z80 Assembly Language with extensive commenting to facilitate debugging.

Note: This is a contract position on a volunteer basis with remuneration to be taken in the form of profit sharing, Spriteworx products and promotional items.

  • Proficient in BASIC and Z80 Assembly language coding
  • Passion for creating clean, modular code with extensive commenting
  • Strong desire and ability to solve programming challenges
  • Continuous learning new programming methods to get the most out of the hardware
  • Free Spriteworx products and promotional items.
  • Profit sharing.
Warm fuzzy feeling of being a part of something really awesome and helping to bring truly Next-Level entertainment software to the Spectrum Next community.
  • Creating game workflows with modular subroutines
  • Testing and debugging gameplay elements
  • Organizing and storing game source and executable files, data and assets
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