You love the ZX Spectrum Next personal computer... and so do we!

Our Mission... image

At Spriteworx, we're passionate about creating mind-blowing games for the ZX Spectrum Next.

The wonder and excitement we all felt while using Sinclair computers in our youth has now been rekindled with the release of an updated and enhanced version of this timeless classic.  No longer must our nostalgic leisure activities be limited by technology of the past!

Our mission is to develop unique and innovative entertainment titles which utilize the features and capabilities of this versatile machine
 to take your retro gaming experience to the NEXT level.

Whether you enjoy engaging simulations, strategic puzzle games, immersive adventures or managing resources to build an empire,
they're all in the works... at Spriteworx.

Bookmark this site and follow our facebook page for updates on our current and upcoming projects.

From our family to yours, stay safe... and have some fun.

- Spriteworx Team