Remote - 244220

As Graphic Designer you will design static graphic images to be used in games, promotional materials and physical packaging.

Note: This is a contract position on a volunteer basis with remuneration to be taken in the form of profit sharing, Spriteworx products and promotional items.
  • Experience designing original artwork using real-world and digital design tools
  • Experience converting images to digital formats
  • Experience re-formatting images for different resolutions and color palettes.
  • Free Spriteworx products and promotional items.
  • Profit sharing.
Warm fuzzy feeling of being a part of something really awesome and helping to bring truly Next-Level entertainment software to the Spectrum Next community.
  • Creating static images for in-game startup screens, cut scenes, etc.
  • Creating images for promotional items and physical packaging
  • Converting real-world images to digital formats
  • Modifying and editing digital images for varying resolutions and color palettes.
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